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Froot Loops Cereal

There are quite many commercials about Froot Loops cereal. However not many people see them much on TV nor hear the marketing message or think about what it really means.

What message is being told and who is it targeting?Edit

There are several marketing messages being told in froot loop commercials such as: "Follow your nose it always knows!" or "A fruity delight in every bite." and what they are trying to say is that the fruity taste is guiding you to something delicious so when you smell it, it gives you the desire to want to have it. These messages are targeting children and parents of the children because with a cereal that is colorful and has a fruity smell and taste it attracts kids and it will interest the parents to want to buy it for their children. It is intended to be eaten for breakfast for tired people but people also eat it for a snack whenever they get hungry during school . 


Marketing MessagesEdit

The following marketing messages: "Froot Loops gives a fruity delight in every bite" and "Fruit Loops causes you to follow your nose." can be said it many different ways including the conditional way known as "If you eat froot loops you then you get a fruity delight in every bite." This statement is true because it is the marketing message. The converse way of saying it would be: "If you get a fruity delight in every bite then you ate froot loops." This statement isn't necessarily true because you couldve got a fruity taste from something else that tasted like fruits for example Apple Jacks cereal. The inverse of that statement is: "If you don't eat froot loops then you don't get a fruity delight in every bite". This statement is also false because not eating froot loops isn't the only reason that you don't get fruity taste in every bite it could be from something different like again Apple Jacks. The contrapositive of that statement is: "If you don't get a fruity delight in every bite then you are not eating froot loops." This statement is true because the marketing messages tells you that you are getting a fruity delight in every bite which means if you are not receiving that then there is no way your eating froot loops.

New Marketing MessageEdit

A new marketing message for Froot Loops could be "Fruity Flavor in every spoonful." The term fruity flavor comes from the original message a fruity delight and in every spoonful comes from in every bite. Factors that influenced my message was to make sure that it would try to be effective. The original message is effective so i tried to make it sound like theirs. 


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